Le Temps Des Cerises

Like alchemists, we have developed washings specific to our brands and we limitlessly decline all the possibilities that the blue canvas offers us. This is why we have become specialists in vintage jeans. When French-born Le Temps Des Cerises founder, Gil Richardière, was young, stone wash did not exist: he already washed his raw jeans by bathing with them and rubbing them with sand! Today, Le Temps Des Cerises has established itself as the specialist in jeans that « make your butt look good » ! "The Cherry Season" has become a real reference thanks to its collections with a rebellious spirit. The denim fabrics we use are made in the best factories in Italy, the jacrons - leather labels placed on the back of the jeans at belt level - are made and treated in Spain with Italian leather. We are also committed to collaborating with manufacturing plants that respect social and environmental standards.