When you choose to work with someone, how do you decide? What shapes that choice?

If your day is already careering towards that third cup of coffee, it’s worth a minute to consider.

Here’s our answer, before the barista takes over…

Why do we love to work with Janji?

they are eclectic
they are eccentric
they are people who love what they do
they are incredibly lovable
they are heartfelt
they are passionate
they are real people

And when a supplier visits your store, just the thought of them visiting your store brings a smile to your face… That’s the kind of person we want to work with.

The time they give us is very simply a brilliant example of how we’d like to be treated as clients. And client absolutely feels like the wrong word because when you make a heartfelt connection with someone that goes beyond the business you do together, it’s what we call living. What we call real.

That’s why Jan and Angie are our jewelry producers/preferred suppliers/friends/ beautiful people. Real people.