Welcome to the Circus

We’re very proud to be presenting French Kisses online. What can you expect from us?

You can expect a familiar personal touch in our exceptional service.

You can expect play and passion in our work. 

And you can expect the quality and beauty you know of our clothing delivered promptly to your door.

Aldo Martins’ Winter 2020 range is the collection we’ve chosen to showcase our new website. It’s best described by asking you all a question:

Who remembers Madame Zingara’s?

For those who do, hold that thought.

For those that don’t, it’s tricky to describe this restaurant which morphed into a theatrical show, for which its unconventionally brilliant food kept on delivering (the chili chocolate steak was, for your writer, an Alice in Wonderland’s closet door to a world of foodie obsession). 

A monumentally beautiful circus tent imported from Eastern Europe melded the delicious and the theatrical into evenings where tickets became sold out six months in advance. Foodie indulgence met the curious, the breathtaking.

The kinds of shows which remind you how two dimensional and unfulfilling TV can be, Zingara’s offered you a truer form of live, interactive, engaging, weird and wonderful entertainment.

So, to accurately capture the Aldo Martins winter collection, I can only refer to Madame Zingaras: mesmerising, magnetic, subtle then outrageous, beautiful.

We’ve chosen this collection to launch our website, and Aldo Martins is exactly how we’d define this, just like Zingara. The step into the unknown.


Welcome to the Circus. I miss the old one. Lucky for us, a new one’s in town.